How Can Associations and Businesses Improve Women’s Health Insurance Coverage?

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression are just a few of the diseases challenging women daily. A vast amount of women cannot afford health insurance due to its rising cost or lack of benefits within their business or association.? Simply put, prevention of these common illnesses can be daunting.

Health Insurance for Women

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation in a 2021 article titled ?Women?s Health Insurance,? ?health insurance coverage is a critical factor in making health care affordable and accessible to women. Among the 97.3 million women ages 19 to 64 residing in the U.S., most had some form of coverage in 2019.? However, gaps in the private sector and publicly funded programs along with the lack of affordability has left a little over one in ten women uninsured.?

Moreover, a lot of women are left uninsured, which causes a lot of issues not only for women, but also for their families. The article continues to explain that in 2010, the ACA began to demand that non-grandfathered private groups and non-group health plans that covered dependents to extend the age of their dependents to twenty-six. In turn, Medicaid spread its coverage that allowed coverage for many uninsured women ages twenty-six and younger. The rates of uninsured women declined greatly; however, this decline and positive change has stopped since 2016 ?(KFF).

Various studies and articles by KFF and The Common Wealth show that uninsured women?often have inadequate access to care, get a lower standard of care when they are in the health system, and have poorer health outcomes. Compared to women with insurance, uninsured women have?lower use?of important preventive services such as mammograms, Pap tests, and timely blood pressure checks. They are also less likely to report having a?regular doctor.

Access to Affordable Health Insurance for Women

Thriving, powered by Benefits for Everyone is here to help your business or association!? We have a hassle-free, affordable healthcare options by River Primary Care that cover your primary healthcare needs like doctor?s visits and prescriptions, but also focus on the ever-important health needs of women such as sexual health, labs, and mental health.

Within this plan, you receive unlimited online and $0 in-person primary care visits which includes treatment for all different kinds of common and chronic conditions.? Along with primary care, you will receive $5 prescription plans, quick and seamless delivery or pharmacy pickup, and low-price lab work.

As a women-powered business, we understand the necessities and trust that goes into healthcare. With our plan, River Primary Care provides services in Women?s Health, Sexual Health, and Wellness including birth control, vaginal wellness, STD testing, access to Headspace Premium, a nutritionist, and more!

If purchasing a qualified health plan is unattainable, one can purchase this benefits subscription for only $35/month to connect with their doctor and care team at any time. Women are no longer left behind in the healthcare industry with Thriving, powered by Benefits for Everyone. Better yet, your association or business can provide these much-needed benefits.

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