Protect Your Business with Associated Benefits Consulting

Associated Benefits Consulting knows what it takes to run a business and make it successful. We’re three sisters, who choose to work together every day—and, yes, we get along, we love each other, and we are stronger together. But nothing describes us better than these iconic lyrics:

Sisters are doin’ it for themselves
Standin’ on their own two feet
And ringin’ on their own bells…

This song celebrates the empowerment of women, and in some way, the work we do embodies the same goal. As a certified women-owned business that is both a multi-generational benefits consulting firm and family-owned and operated business, Associated Benefits Consulting is always excited to collaborate with new and existing clients!

By bringing exclusive benefit centers to our clients, Associated Benefits Consulting is making it easier for members to focus on their business. The Thriving Benefits Center is one of the most unique benefit shopping experiences that allows you to choose individual benefits, whether insurance or non-insurance products, objectively and transparently, while also fitting your budget with premiums that you can afford.

Not all of us have benefits that come in our line of work, so if you and/or your family are uninsured or are seeking additional protection, this benefits center makes it easy to see all your options in one place. We leverage existing and emerging relationships, platforms, and technologies to offer a wide range of insurance products from many of the nation’s leading carriers as well as other types of supplemental non-insurance products to meet all your needs.

From life and health insurance to protect your lifestyle to property and casualty insurance to cover your home, property and business, Associated Benefits Consulting offers a wide variety of products to offer individuals members, as well as business owners, customized solutions.

The complexity of many of these types of products can be overwhelming, but we are here to help! With Associated Benefits Consulting, you choose to protect what matters, and we choose to make the process as simple and easy as we can. Please email or call 877.799.2225 with any questions.  You can also visit our benefits marketplace at