Offering Property & Casualty Insurance to Association Members

This is a two-part series from Marcie ODwyer, Principal and VP, Sales, and a Property & Casualty licensed agent. In the following blog, she’ll cover the basics of property and casualty insurance for association members. Be sure to check back later to read more from her about what to consider when selecting the coverage that’s right for you.


Property and Casualty Insurance are two types of insurance that, as an association member, you would purchase to help you protect the property that you own as well as yourself! Property and casualty insurance for association members, referred to as P&C, typically includes two primary coverage types: property protection coverage and liability coverage. These coverages offer protection for individuals and families, as well as business owners.


Continue reading to understand why property and casualty protections for individuals and families are beneficial for you.


What Does Property and Casualty Insurance Cover?

Property insurance for associations provides protection for physical items, such as houses, personal possessions, and cars. Casualty insurance for associations covers you, the association member, from an accident that causes injuries to another person or another person’s belongings. It also protects you against legal liability arising from the claims of others.


How do I know what type of policy that I need to purchase?

First, it’s important to know that these P&C policies are usually bundled together into one insurance policy. Some common P&C policies you may recognize are:

  • Car Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Renters
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Powersports Insurance


And possibly the most beneficial property and casualty insurance for an association member is homeowners’ insurance. These policies typically cover an association member’s home and your possessions against covered risks such as a fire or burglary. They also generally include liability coverage, which would give protection if you were found legally responsible if someone was injured in your home or if you caused damage to someone else’s property.


Why Your Association Members Should Consider Having Homeowners’ Insurance

Let’s look at a few common situations:


  • Your friend, Sarah is visiting your home when she trips and falls on your stairs and breaks her arm.

If Sarah fell because you neglected to repair your broken stairs, you could be liable for Sarah’s medical bills, as well as pain and suffering, regardless of whether Sarah has insurance. Your homeowners’ policy can help cover these costs, so you won’t have to pay out of pocket.


  • You are outside playing with your child and notice a fire inside your home.

When you go inside, you realize that your dryer has caught fire. Your homeowner’s policy can help cover the costs of the damages that the dryer has caused.


  • Your child has her friend Sally over for a playdate, and Sally gets bitten by your dog.

Since Sally was inside of your home and will need to seek medical attention for the dog bite, you are liable for Sally’s medical bills.


  • You have a party at your house, where your friend Lori is injured in your home, and she sues you.

Again, since Lori injured herself at YOUR house for something that you are liable for, you may be responsible to pay for the cost of an attorney and other legal fees, which can accumulate pretty quickly. Therefore, your homeowner’s policy can help cover these costs, so you won’t have to pay out of pocket.


  • You go out of town for the holidays and when you return, you realize that your home has been broken into and many valuable items have been stolen.

Since P&C is such a broad coverage, your vandalized property and missing belongings would be protected by your homeowner’s policy up to your covered limits.


Enrolling in P&C policies may not seem like second nature, but protecting yourself and your home is a necessity. With economical offerings for property and casualty insurance for association members, you can easily and quickly enroll in policies to get on the path to protection. View our holistic offerings today!