What no-brainer benefits can I offer my employees?

Running an association or business can be a difficult endeavor. Picking the best benefits is an even more difficult task.  Firstly, it is important to apply the current trends and times that we live in to offer your employees or members the best possible benefits for the current situation.

For years, telemedicine has been utilized in many hard-to-reach communities and to meet specific patient needs (Forbes.com).  It is not a recent development, although it dramatically increased during the pandemic and the decrease of available, in-person primary and specialty care.

The Telemedicine trends are not going anywhere

This telemedicine trend will not end anytime soon, either.  Bill Frist explains that telemedicine will only continue to develop in an article on upcoming healthcare trends.  He states, “With rapidly advancing virtual care-enabling technologies, with a cultural shift by providers and consumers to trust and use the technology, and with solid bipartisan support, telehealth will continue to expand” (Six Hopeful Healthcare Trends).  Not only is usership growing, but so is the time, effort, and investment into telemedicine. Large healthcare companies are beginning to expand their plans to cover telemedicine costs (Forbes.com).

All sorts of medical professionals, healthcare workers, and scientists are beginning to envision their future in healthcare. Experts agree and predict that the future looks bright for telemedicine. Miles Romney, CTO at a major telehealth company called eVisit sees a very integrated future for telemedicine.  He states, “‘Telehealth’ won’t exist in 2050. It won’t exist in 2025. It will just be ‘health.’ It won’t be ‘virtual care,’ it will just be ‘care.’” (Telehealth 2050: The future design of virtual care technology). He believes that the already advanced telemedicine system will grow to be more robust. With that will come easier access to care when it is most needed.

HealthiestYou by Teladoc is a no-brainer

When it comes to employee and member benefits, giving members what they want and need is key.  Clearly, with telemedicine on this trajectory, the future of healthcare will begin to take form around the system.  However, you and your business or association can get ahead of the curve.

When running the numbers on a using health insurance with high deductibles and copays, the HealthiestYou subscription by Teladoc is a no-brainer.  Looking at Figure 1, we can see that mere numbers speak volumes about the value that HealthiestYou can offer.

HY Time.Money Saver

Figure 1

At only $16 per month, HealthiestYou offers virtual primary care, specialty in dermatology, neck and back care, mental health, sexual health, and nutrition. This plan includes spouses and children. Beyond this care, HealthiestYou offers ongoing education, prescription cost technology, second opinions, and expert evaluations from U.S. board-certified doctors in everything they do. Better yet, HealthiestYou offers bundling options and a $0 copay. Employers can share the cost of the plan with their employee or fully cover their plan, which allows for flexibility in and out of the workplace.

The benefits of HealthiestYou do not even begin to express the ease and comfort of virtual visits.  One does not even have to leave their home to get the care they need, exactly when they need it.  It seems like a no-brainer, no? Call us at 877.799.2225 or email us at THRIVING@abenefitsconsulting.com today to get started with a telemedicine plan that is right for you.