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Affinity Plans are a Win Win Win!

Associations offer their members customized benefits packages and services, but when it comes to generating non-dues revenue, how can you make those services work? Affinity plans are a great way to offer benefits to your members while generating non-dues revenue and retaining membership from year to year. Understanding how an affinity plan can help your Association grow is a key component to strengthening your member base and generating revenue at the same time.

Affinity plans are a partnership between a business and an association and their members. The members of the association receive discounted services or rates for a product, the business providing the service gets access to a new customer base, and the association generates non-dues revenue and remains relevant to their members. Affinity plans for members can include travel discounts, reduced car insurance rates, subscriptions to publications, and much more.



By offering a variety of affinity plans to members, associations provide valuable services or discounts not available in the general marketplace, so members are more likely to retain their association membership if they participate and enjoy the affinity programs. Associations can change their product offerings each year and stay up to date with what members would like by providing an annual survey.

Affinity plans succeed by offering members discounted rates and services (Win!), provide businesses with new customers (Win!) and create a steady non-dues revenue income stream for associations (Win!). Cultivating partnerships with businesses to provide the best possible benefits for your members is important when creating an affinity plan. These plans should be developed for the long-term, to continuously improve or change offerings for members, and provide a consistent non-dues revenue stream for your association.

If you would like to learn more about developing an affinity plan for your association, contact us to get started!