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Affinity Solutions

Associated Benefits partners with affinity groups - such as trade or business associations - to improve benefit options for their members and provide them with an alternative to existing purchasing pathways. Group size can offer purchasing advantages, allowing for access to value-enhanced services and products, as well as lower costs.

Employee Solutions

How can an employer offer competitive benefits and meet financial goals and obligations? How does a business stay up to speed with all the laws and regulations, especially in light of healthcare reform? How do you compete for the best employees? One effective method is through a sound employee benefits strategy. Associated Benefits Consulting works with you and your broker/agent to find the exact products to fit both your company and your employee needs.

Human Resources Solutions

In addition to payroll and time/attendance tracking solutions, Associated Benefits Consulting assists Human Resources professionals with a sometimes overlooked aspect of company programs: work culture. Work culture is the way an organization goes about its day-to-day activities. A healthy work culture can help you attract great employees and ensure business success by engaging employees, encouraging trust, and rewarding high performance. Associated Benefits helps you evaluate, build, and align your personnel strategies with your overall business objectives.

Insurance Solutions

Pinpointing the appropriate insurance coverage to suit your needs is no small task. Finding who to contact, determining what questions to ask, and comparing the mountain of options available can be a complex, time-consuming process. Whatever the area of concern - be it major medical, group term life, short and long term disability, or even dental - Associated Benefits has experts available to help you sort through the options to find the coverage appropriate to your needs.

LABI Solutions

LABI Blue Chip
Louisiana Association of Business and Industries (LABI) membership includes access to exclusive benefits for employers and their employees. These benefits include major medical insurance, Group Term Life, Short and Long Term disability, and Dental and Vision Insurances.

The LABI Blue Chip plan is underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

This unique package of benefits includes some additional products and services, which other plans do not, know as "LABI Lagniappe" or a "little something extra" that are available free of charge to all LABI Blue Chip members.

To learn more, call us at 877-799-2225 or email is at info@abenefitsconsulting.com.

Blue Chip Health Insurance
Blue Chip is an employee group insurance program underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, exclusively for the members of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI). It offers a unique package of benefits that provides the broad coverage you need along with several enhancements. We at LABI with our plan consultants, Associated Benefits Consulting, are excited about the future of LABI's Blue Chip plan.

Top 5 Reasons to Access LABI Insurance Offerings

  1. Comprehensive, robust suite of customizable employee benefits
  2. Strongest major medical health insurance contract available which means
  3. Partnership, Service, and Advocacy
  4. Benefits available for groups of ALL sizes
  5. Choose your broker/agent

To learn more about these benefit offerings exclusive to LABI members please contact our plan consultants, Associated Benefits Consulting, at 877-799-2225 or visit www.labibenefitscenter.com.

Our Solutions

ACA Decision Support Technology software is now available for licensing to select groups.
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Our Solutions

ACA Decision Support Technology software is now available for licensing to select groups.
Visit Our Assistance Page

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